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Cyclonic Dust Collector

Aerodyne SplitStream™ Counter Cyclonic Dust Collector

Counter Cyclonic Dust Collector

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Counter Cyclonic Industrial Dust Collector for Abrasive Particulate Collection

The Aerodyne SplitStreamô is a counter cyclonic dust collector that has no major moving components and is capable of handling a wide range of materials, while requiring minimal maintenance.

Particulate that is granular, fibrous, sticky, or hydroscopic, with process temperatures ranging from -20° F to 700° F, can be separated and collected for air pollution control or reclamation. The unique counter cyclonic design element of the SplitStream™ Dust Collector insures that a minimal amount of particulate comes in contact with the interior walls. This eliminates excessive wear and enables abrasive particulate collection.

The cyclone can be configured vertically or horizontally, providing easy installation in existing facilities or new locations.


Cyclone Dust Collector Demo

Advantages of the SplitStream™ Counter Cyclonic Dust Collector

  • Unique "Counter Cyclonic" Dust Collection design
  • Extends the life of bag and cartridge filters reducing labor and material costs
  • Protects other equipment from process heat
  • Dust Collection efficiency remains constant even at high temperatures
  • Configured horizontally or vertically for cost saving installations
  • Unique dual-air stream design allows for multiple Installation Options
  • Can be mounted in series for greater efficiencies
  • Available from 50-18,000 CFM

View our Cyclone Dust Collector Demo.

SplitStream dust collector with counter cyclonic dust collection

Industrial Dust Collection System Applications

The unique design of the SplitStream™ Counter Cyclonic Dust Collector allows it to handle a wide range of materials at a high level of efficiency. During operation, a minimal amount of dust particulate comes in contact with the walls of the collector. Unlike other cyclonic dust collectors, the SplitStream™ Counter Cyclonic Dust Collector can easily handle the most abrasive materials without special anti-abrasive coatings or extra heavy-duty construction.

The SplitStream™ Dust Collection System easily handles: Wood dust, fly ash, sand, limestone dust, gypsum, cereal/grain, coffee, plastics, fiberglass dust, and many more.

Test unit pictured with Aerodyne Vacu-Valve.

On Site Testing

Aerodyne has full size test equipment on site to test your material handling needs. Simply send us a sample of the material that needs to be collected and we can analyze how efficient the SplitStream™ Dust Collector can be for you.

Please contact Aerodyne for sample quantity and specifications prior to sending any material.

See how Aerodyne's dust collection technology provides superior results over traditional dust collection systems like baghouses and multi-cyclone approaches.

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