Inspired To Be Different.

At Aerodyne, we choose to take a different approach to collecting dust and handling materials. Our cyclones are unique in design to address common issues such as problematic dusts and space constraints. Our airlocks are chosen to fit your specific application instead of hastily installing traditional equipment options. We believe that when we see things differently, we can solve problems effectively. That’s why so many people turn to us for help in solving their tough dust problems.

Our values:

  • Trust and Respect
    Aerodyne will provide you with quality products and services.
  • Personalized Service
    Aerodyne cyclones and valves are custom made to fit your application.
  • Can Do
    Aerodyne engineers and representatives will review your application and provide you with the best solution.
  • No Waste
    Cyclones provide uncontaminated products.

Aerodyne, an Industry Leader in Air Handling Systems

Two entrepreneurs, Edwin L. Hobson, III and Mack Gordon formed Aerodyne Development Corporation in 1949. Their goal was to provide pollution control and air handling systems to industries worldwide. In 1968, Aerodyne Development divided and Edwin L. Hobson, III formed Abanaki Corporation to focus exclusively on oil skimmers.

Twenty years later, Ed handed the reins to his son, M. Thomas Hobson who has successfully run the business by expanding the original product line and including coolant maintenance products. William Miller, an engineer for Aerodyne Development, purchased Aerodyne from his employers in 1989. Bill owned and operated the air handling systems company in Chardon, Ohio until his recent retirement in January 2008. The Aerodyne product line now consists of material handling valves and air pollution control equipment. Typical industries that use these valves and dust collection technology include foundries, mining, steel, cement, pharmaceutical, food processing, dairy, wood, power, grain, asphalt, cereal, plastics, chemical, reclamation and manufacturing.

In January 2008, Tom Hobson purchased Aerodyne Development from Bill and will continue supplying outstanding industrial dust collection and material handling equipment to Aerodyne’s customers. Tom and Bill are committed to the customers and suppliers and hope to provide a smooth transition.

Abanaki Corporation is located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, 30 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio. Abanaki Corporation strives to be the best in customer satisfaction and provide the industry with the best oil skimmer products that are efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly.

Tom HobsonSincerely,
Tom Hobson
President and Owner