Point-of-Use Dust Collection

What is Point-of-Use Dust Collection?

Aerodyne calls dust collection at the point of generation point-of-use dust collection.  It has also been described as local dust collection.   The benefits of installing point-of-use dust collection systems include:

  1. Easy access to collect dust for re-use/recycling
  2. Keeping material separated/minimizing contamination
  3. Minimizing ductwork or minimizing dust flow through ductwork

Aerodyne’s compact cyclones are ideal for local dust collection.  The cyclones can be used as small stand-alone systems or as local pre-filters.

Small Stand-alone Systems

  • Usually includes a hood, cyclone, exhaust fan, interconnecting ductwork, and option after-filter.
  • Often small enough so the system could be moved in-between use or between systems.
  • Keeps material separate
    • Prevents reactions of dis-similar materials
    • Allows re-use, recycling or packaging of materials

Local pre-filters

  • Local compact cyclones located after hoods or group of hoods offer the following benefits
    • Local access to dust for re-use, recycling or packaging
    • Minimized dust flow through ductwork, which:
      • Extends the life of ductwork by minimizing erosion
      • Extend the life of the main dust collector filters or minimizes water usage in wet scrubbers
      • Help prevents dust buildup in the ductwork which can cause low air flow at the hoods and is a fire/explosion hazard.
Local Dust Collection
  • US pharmaceutical company manufactures a variety of products
  • Wanted to install dust collection where each product dust could be collected and weighed
  • Installed GPC cyclones for each clean room so they could capture dust before it went to cartridge collectors
  • Get around 90% dust removal in GPC cyclone with the balance in the filters of the cartridge collector
  • The compact GPC allows the cyclone to be installed in clean room(s)thereby workers don’t need  to disrobe from clean scrubs to measure dust collected in the batch