Wood Dust Collectors

Aerodyne provides heavy-duty cyclones and airlocks for commercial and industrial woodworking shops. Whether it is a shop in a school or an industrial shop (ex. Furniture, shipping department, etc.), Aerodyne’s equipment provides long-lasting operation. Our staff is knowledgeable of NFPA 664 and can you’re your selection of the proper equipment to comply.

GPC Cyclone

The GPC cyclone pre-filter is ideal for dust collectors. The GPC removes the majority of the dust before it reaches your filter. This extends the life of the filter and decreases the maintenance required on the dust collector. The GPC also acts as a spark arrester, thereby protecting the filters from catching on fire. The compact size of the GPC allows it to be installed on existing systems where a traditional cyclone won’t fit.

The GPC cyclone, when paired with enclosureless filters, provides NFPA 664 compliance without the expense of cartridge collectors and baghouses. Aerodyne has two Dust Hound cyclone models that can be used with enclosureless filters and comply with NFPA 664 5,000 ACFM max.

Rotary Valve

Rotary valves are used in a variety of applications as an airlock. They isolate the dust collector from the outside environment allowing the collected dust to exit the system. Aerodyne rotary valves have been used in a variety of woodworking applications.

Double Dump Valve

The Aerodyne double dump valve is a low leakage airlock. At all times, one portion of the valve is closed, so there is no direct route for air to leak out. The valve has a large area so oversized particulate can clear without fear of jamming or getting lodged in the valve. 

Knife Gate

The Aerodyne StopTight Knife gate has been used on hoppers for manual and pneumatic control of the hopper. The cast aluminum body and stainless steel knife plate allow for easy control of the hopper. They are also ideal for installation above a rotary valve. When closed, they will isolate the system so the rotary valve can be sent to maintenance without shutting down the system.