Pharmaceutical Dust Collectors

Cyclonic dust collection provides high removal efficiency of dust with easy cleanability.  Applications such as venting:

  1. Encapsulation process
  2. Tablet-punchers and de-dusters
  3. Clean rooms and suites

Aerodyne Cyclones offer the following benefits

  1. Compact size
  2. Easy cleanability and quick access
  3. In-suite location for easy batch reconciliation
  4. Custom-built cyclones to suit specific needs and specs of the operation, including but not limited to
    1. Stainless steel construction
    2. Polished welds
    3. Electropolishing
    4. Easy open access for quick cleaning
  5. Local use allows reuse/recycling of uncontaminated material

GPC Cyclone

Compact high-efficiency cyclone often used in clean rooms.  Many GPCs are small enough to fit within the suite, allowing local access for batch reconciliation. GPC high dust removal allows them to be installed as local pre-filters to collect the majority of dust inside the clean room with only the very fine material going to a general purpose dust collector.    The GPC is available in both vertical and horizontal designs so that it can fit into almost any area.  Its compact size allows it to fit within clean room suites so that batch reconciliation can be done without leaving the suite.  The compact size also allows for easy access for cleaning without dismantling the system and the cyclone.

The GPC cyclone is available in an easy clean design, which allows for quick cleaning of the cyclone internals without major disassembly or maintenance.

SplitStream Cyclone

This unique cyclone uses a secondary airflow to capture dust.  The secondary air can be either dirty, recycle, or clean.  Often used on those especially difficult applications that have tough dust, such as highly abrasive material.  They are best suited for applications where you are required to heat/cool the airstream and/or dust and the dust is abrasive, sticky, hygroscopic, fibrous, or friable.  The secondary air enters the cyclone and travels down the cyclone wall transporting the dust into the hopper, yet keeping the particles from contacting the walls.

The SplitStream’s unique design allows it to cool the particulate while also keeping it off the cyclone walls. The SV50 is ideal for low airflow that requires cooling of the particulate with high removal efficiency before a filter.

Bag-in/Bag-out Airlock Valve

Similar to the double dump valve, this airlock allows bag-in/bag-out control of pharmaceutical dust.  With this valve, batch reconciliation can be performed near production inside the cleanroom, preventing the operator from changing garments multiple times during the reconciliation process and saving valuable time. Contact the factory for additional information.

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