Food and Grain Dust Collectors

Aerodyne has been providing cyclones to the Food and Grain industries for over 70 years. Our cyclones have been used on dryers, seed cleaners, pet food suppliers, cereal manufacturers. They can operate in high humidity applications easily without the high maintenance of filters or the high wastewater production of wet scrubbers. Often used as pre-filters, the cyclone removes the majority of the dust particulate, leaving only the very fine dust to be handled by filters or wet scrubbers.

GPC Cyclone

Compact high-efficiency cyclone often used as pre-filters. Installation of cyclone pre-filters can extend filter life and minimize maintenance issues in baghouses and cartridge collectors. Many GPCs are small enough to fit within compact spaces allowing retrofitting of existing applications. The GPC is available in both vertical and horizontal designs so that it can fit into almost any area. The horizontal GPC can be modified for easy cleaning and/or installation of explosion vents.

The GPC cyclone is available in an easy clean design, which allows for quick cleaning of the cyclone internals without major disassembly or maintenance.

SplitStream Cyclone

This unique cyclone uses a secondary air flow to capture dust. The secondary air can be either dirty, recycle, or clean. Often used on those especially difficult applications that have tough dust, such as highly abrasive material. They are best suited for applications where you are required to heat/cool the airstream and/or dust and the dust is abrasive, sticky, hygroscopic, fibrous, or friable. The secondary air enters the cyclone and travels down the cyclone wall transporting the dust into the hopper, yet keeping the particles from contacting the walls. Used on dryers their design is not affected by the high humidity (when the system is properly insulated). 


The Aerodyne Vacu-Valve is an economical alternative to high maintenance rotary valve. The Vacu-Valve uses the dust collector’s vacuum to pull the sleeve together creating an airlock. As dust builds up over the valve, gravity and the weight of material above, slowly works the material through the sleeve. The Vacu-Valve works best on fine, free-flowing material that doesn’t bridge.  Often used on spray drying applications, the Vacu-Valve sleeve is easy to change out, keeping maintenance quick and simple.

Double Dump Valve

The Aerodyne double dump valve is a low leakage airlock. At all times, one portion of the valve is closed, so there is no direct route for air to leak out. The valve has a large area so oversized particulate can clear without fear of jamming or getting lodged in the valve. The double dump valve has been used in a variety of food applications including as an inlet into a pneumatic conveying system.

Knife Gate

The Aerodyne StopTight Knife gate has been used on hoppers for manual and pneumatic control of the hopper. The cast aluminum body and stainless steel knife plate allow for easy control of the hopper. They are also ideal for installation above a rotary valve. When closed, they will isolate the system so the rotary valve can be sent to maintenance without shutting down the system.

Rotary Valve

Rotary valves are used in a variety of applications as an airlock. They isolate the dust collector from the outside environment allowing the collected dust to exit the system. Aerodyne rotary valves have been used in a variety of food applications.

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