Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Dust collection systems are used to remove particulate from process gases for use in pollution control, product/material recovery, and pneumatic conveying. This process is also useful for capturing valuable materials that may have other industrial uses.

Aerodyne specializes in cyclone dust collectors. Cyclones are often used as pre-filters for other dust collectors, such as baghouses, cartridge collectors, ESPs and wet scrubbers. The cyclone uses mechanical separation to remove particulates and droplets from the airstream without filters. This can also allow cyclones to sort waste from valuable materials as they collect the larger particles and send fines to the final filter.

Aerodyne has two (2) unique cyclone designs. These designs provide high efficiency dust collection with certain advantages over standard cyclone designs.

How a Cyclone Works

Cyclones remove dust particles and liquid droplets by centrifugal motion. Dirty air enters the cyclone and rotates down the length of the vessel. The rotation causes the particles and droplets to move towards the walls. When the airflow reaches the bottom it reverses direction and travels up the center of the cyclone and out. The particles that are by the cyclones walls fall to the hopper where they fall into the hopper and leave through the airlock.