Industrial Dust Control in the Recycling Industry – Metal Recovery

The SplitStream™ Dust Collectors have successfully relieved overload on wet scrubbers installed at a Midwest secondary metal recovery plant, enabling the plant to continue to meet state and federal emission requirements.

The plant, which primarily reclaims aluminum, produces clean metal chips, briquettes and powder. The Aerodyne cyclone dust collectors are installed in lines involved in the conveying and shredding of metal and in the thermal recovery of contaminated metals. Another collector eliminates dust from a screening and bagging operation.

A 12,500-cfm SplitStream™ Dust Collector precedes a wet scrubber on the thermal reclaim system and a 6,000-cfm dust collector precedes another wet scrubber on the shredding operation. In each case, the cyclone dust collectors facilitate the recovery of dry material from plant air before the final collection by wet scrubbers. By using the industrial dust control system as a pre-filter before the wet scrubbers are used, maintenance and cleaning of the wet scrubbers has been dramatically reduced. An added bonus to installing the Aerodyne SplitStream™ Dust Collectors was the ease of recovery of the collected material. Because the SplitStream™ Collector uses no bags or filter cartridges, collected product is easily returned to the process for reuse or sent out for disposal.

The Aerodyne SplitStream™ Dust Collector achieves high efficiency by forcing dirty gases into a powerful centrifugal motion. The centrifugal action throws dust particulate out of the gas stream. A secondary air stream carries the dust particulate to the hopper, keeping dust away from the collector walls and reducing sticking and abrasion. As a result, the SplitStream™ Dust Collector virtually eliminates maintenance problems common to other types of cyclones. The prevention of particulate contact with external walls is a major factor in the unit’s ability to achieve high efficiency ratings.

Aerodyne manufactures industrial dust control systems and dry material handling valves. Located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio Aerodyne has been serving the pollution control and material handling industries for over 60 years.