Product Reclamation

In this age of rising costs and environmental concern, decreasing waste saves you money and helps protect the environment. One way to do this is by installing cyclone pre-filters before baghouses and cartridge collectors. The cyclones can be installed right at the location of dust generation or they can be installed right in front of the filters. The cyclone usually captures 80+% of most dust before it enters the filters. The cyclone captures the dust before the material can be contaminated by the filters and material on the filters.  

Cyclones installed near the location of dust generation will provide the least contaminated material, while cyclones located right before the filter collector will have more ductwork and possible additional airstreams to introduce contamination.  

Cyclones are good to capture dusts for:

  1. Precious metals (gold, silver, etc.)
  2. Pharmaceuticals and Food processing
  3. Raw materials
  4. Selling of waste to customers (repurposing it)
Product Reclamation

A ceramics manufacturer in Pennsylvania would ship a semi load of waste to the dump a month. They would lose the cost of the raw material, the shipping, and the disposal fee. The material couldn’t be reused because it was collected in a baghouse from their dryer. The baghouse would have various products raw materials in the filters, so when it was collected it was contaminated.

Aerodyne offered them a compact GPC cyclone to use as a prefilter. The cyclone was fitted with Vacu-Valve airlock to allow the material to leave the cyclone without additional air entering the system. After installation, they have been able to minimize the disposal of raw materials. They have been able to reuse the material from the cyclone, thereby saving thousands of dollars a month while also paying for the cyclone very quickly. Besides the money they are saving, they also can take pride in the knowledge that they have minimized their effect on the environment by increasing their recycling of raw materials.