Industrial Dust Collector and Material Handling Valves Case Studies

Abrasives – Grinding Wheels Manufacturer

This grinding wheel manufacturer in Niagara Falls, NY needed to replace an existing dust collector. The old industrial dust collector could not handle the high temperatures, moisture and abrasion of the materials being collected. Read about the results after Aerodyne’s Model 4500 SplitStream™ was installed.

Food & Agricultural – Corn Refinery

One of the largest corn refiners in the United States was dealing with inefficiencies in their reclamation process. They were losing 50 pounds of product per hour with their existing industrial dust collector. Discover the effects the installation of Aerodyne’s SplitStream™.

Recycling – Metal Recovery

A Midwest secondary metal recovery plant was struggling to meet state and federal emission requirements with their overloaded wet scrubbers. To add to the mess, the wet scrubbers required high maintenance and cleaning. See the results after Aerodyne’s SplitStream was added as a pre-filter to the wet scrubbers.

Wood Products

Read three different case studies on dust collection from the wood industry. Aerodyne has not only been improving safety and health in this industry but also creating efficiencies and money-saving solutions.

Spray Drying

A global manufacturer of spray drying equipment has depended on the Vacu-Valve for more than 30 years. Learn why their Head of Industrial Sales Process Engineer prefers the Vacu-Valve over rotary valves.

Glass – Reflective Glass Beads

This world-leading diversified technology company came to Aerodyne with a unique material handling problem. In their proprietary process, tiny reflective beads had to become airborne and then reclaimed. The SplitStream™ was the perfect solution for reclamation without contamination. Discover why this company has since purchased 30 more dust collectors.

Mining/Quarry – Limestone Quarry

A Sandusky, Ohio state-of-the-art limestone mining facility was dealing with costly rotary valve maintenance. Aerodyne’s trickle valve was prescribed to replace the troublesome rotary valves. The outcome is an estimated $8,000-$10,000 savings per year. Learn more about the savings from this low-cost solution.

Chemical Processing

A manufacturer of specialty chemical products was looking for a unique solution in which multiple attempts at efficient dust collection had failed. Valuable raw materials were getting lost in the overloaded baghouse filters. When a SplitStream™ was set as a pre-filter in front of the baghouse, a higher collection efficiency was achieved. Discover why this counter-cyclonic dust collector solved the problem other industrial dust collectors could not.