Temperature Adjustment

When putting a system together, you include certain equipment to do a specific job. You have baghouses and cartridge collectors for dust collection and heat exchanges and dampers to heat up or cool down the process. The Aerodyne SplitStream offers you both in one piece of equipment. The SplitStream cyclone uses a secondary air flow to capture dust particles. The secondary airflow can be either a clean airflow or a dirty airflow. The secondary airflow can be outside air (often for cooling) or another process stream (cooling or heating). The airflow mix, with the particulate falling out in the Splitstream, then both airflows leave together at the same temperature. And since baghouses cartridge collectors work best in a certain temperature range, a SplitStream cyclone can often be used to cool/heat the airstream before final filtration is done.

If your process contains multiple of the following, a SplitStream cyclone might be able to help your dust collection:

  • Abrasive dust
  • Hygroscopic
  • Wet or sticky dust
  • Friable dust
  • Airstream requires heating or cooling down stream