Dust Collectors in Abrasives Industry – Grinding Wheels Manufacturer

A manufacturer of grinding wheels in Niagara Falls, N.Y., needed to replace an existing dust collector used to collect dust coming off a rotary kiln. Initially, a bag house collector was considered to be the obvious solution. However, because the problem involved high temperatures – 700° F and higher – specific efficiency requirements, moisture content problems, and future maintenance issues, the purchase of an Aerodyne SplitStream™ grinding dust collector was justified.

The volume of gases being handled was estimated at 4,000 CFM at 700° F, according to the specifications of their previous cyclone. Using this information, a Model 4500 SplitStream™ grinding dust collector was selected and installed. When the collector was started and the flows were checked, it was found that only 2,500 cfm at 500° F was needed to ventilate the kiln. Even at this lower-than-expected inlet flow rate, the results were excellent. No visible carry-over was detected, and the SplitStream™ Collector captured material much finer than previously collected. The plant was satisfied it had made the correct decision and avoided the headaches and maintenance issues of a bag house. After several months of the collector in operation, abrasion wear was not evident. Consequently, the company ordered two more Model 4500 SplitStream™ grinding dust collectors.

The lack of a filter media and the Aerodyne’s unique design make it perfect for applications involving high temperatures and abrasive materials.