Aerodyne SplitStream™ Provides Superior Dust Collection Over Baghouse Dust Collector

Aerodyne Steps in Where Traditional Dust Collection Methods Fail

chemical processingA manufacturer of specialty industrial chemical products contacted Aerodyne for a unique project in which multiple attempts at efficient dust collection had previously failed. The chemical plant’s proprietary process, which yields a highly valuable powdered nutritional supplement, had several challenges which led them to seek a better solution. During their process, raw material is pneumatically conveyed through a flash dryer and then mixed downstream with another additive to create the final product. The product is ultimately captured by a dust collector and packaged for use.

When they contacted Aerodyne, the plant was using a baghouse dust collector to catch its final product. While collection efficiency was adequate, the high volume of material processed daily created a maintenance nightmare. As the baghouse filters became blinded, inefficiencies in the system caused inconsistent batches and wasted valuable raw materials. Prior to the baghouse dust collector, the manufacturer had used a bank of four cyclone dust collectors to capture the product. Due to the extremely fine nature of the dust; these cyclones provided poor dust collection efficiency resulting in less usable product.

Aerodyne assessed the company’s situation and determined the SplitStream Dust Collector would be an ideal fit for the process’ large dust volumes and requirement of high collection efficiency. The SplitStream is a mechanical “counter-cyclonic” dust collector. Unlike conventional cyclone dust collectors, the SplitStream utilizes a powerful secondary air stream which protects the inner walls from abrasive wear and directs incoming dust toward the collection hopper. This unique design yields higher collection efficiency than a traditional cyclone dust collector and allows the unit to be installed in a horizontal or vertical configuration without reducing efficiency. Because the SplitStream Dust Collector uses no filter bags or cartridges, it can easily handle high dust loads with minimal maintenance requirements. An added benefit for this customer’s process was the ability to use ambient air for the secondary air stream. This aided in cooling the final product; a requirement for consistent batches.