Dust Efficiency Clinic

An efficient dust collection system provides many benefits to a company, its workers, and the environment. Compliance with emission standards, enhancing worker safety, protection against fire and explosion and the long-term cost savings are all reasons for a well-designed system.

Aerodyne offers a variety of services to help you analyze your needs, design the right solution, or maintain, improve and expand your dust collection system. Dust collection systems routinely evaluated and inspected are efficient, and Aerodyne can assist you in keeping your system running at its full capacity.

Aerodyne offers:

  1. Dust Testing (explosion testing, particle size, removal requirements)
  2. System Evaluations (equipment evaluations, dust safety and collection assessments, DHA and PHA)
  3. Maintenance Service (bag replacement & maintenance, dust collector inspections)

Dust Collector Frequently Asked Questions

Dust collection systems can range from being straightforward and simple to extremely complex. Matching the proper system to your application is important. We’ve compiled and answered commonly asked questions faced when considering a dust collection system solution.


Airlocks Frequently Asked Questions

Airlock valves are vital components in dust collection and process systems. They form a gateway between the conditions inside and outside the dust collector while allowing the accumulated dust material to pass through. An improperly operating airlock can cause issues with the entire system operation, including removal efficiency, constant repairs, and downtime for maintenance. To provide you with more information, we’ve compiled some of the more frequently asked about airlock valves.