Compact Cyclone

Many times baghouses and cartridge collectors are installed in areas with limited space. They have pieces of equipment next to them or a crucial walkway or lane that can’t be blocked. And/or the roof is very close to the top of the unit. When one of these units are having issues, it is often hard to modify the system.

If the baghouse or cartridge collector was designed wrong or the process changes, modifications to the unit might be required. Often times the installation of a cyclone pre-filter will solve these issues. Issues such as:

  • High dust loading causing plugging of filters
  • Heavy cleaning of filters causing early replacement
  • Wet dust causing maintenance and/or plugging issues
  • Sticky dust plugging up filters
  • High air usage

However, there is no room to install a traditional cyclone as a pre-filter. That is where Aerodyne’s GPC cyclone comes in. The GPC cyclone has a compact design and typically removes 80%-90% of the dust before a cartridge collector or baghouse. The vertical GPC cyclone is around 50% of the height of a traditional cyclone. While the horizontal GPC cyclone is about ⅓ of the height of a traditional cyclone. This allows the GPC to be installed in areas that traditional cyclone just won’t fit.