Abrasive Dust Collectors

Abrasive dust collectors are used to collect materials such as rotary kiln dust. Abrasive dust wears away the interior walls of conventional dust collectors which will, in effect, require more maintenance and replacement parts. Aerodyne has the solution with the SplitStream abrasive dust collector. The unique counter cyclonic design makes it perfect for applications involving abrasive materials by reducing contact with interior walls. Aerodyne also offers cyclones specially constructed of AR steel or coated with an abrasive resistant coating to extend the life of the unit.

GPC Cyclone

Compact high-efficiency cyclone often used as pre-filters.  Installation of cyclone pre-filters can extend filter life and minimize maintenance issues in baghouses and cartridge collectors. The GPC’s design eliminates the common wear area seen on more traditional cyclones near the bottom of the unit. It can also be constructed of AR steel and/or coated with abrasive resistant coatings. Many GPCs are small enough to fit within compact spaces allowing retrofitting of existing applications. The GPC is available in both vertical and horizontal designs so that it can fit into almost any area.

SplitStream Cyclone

This unique cyclone uses a secondary airflow to capture dust. The secondary air can be either dirty, recycle, or clean. Often used on those especially difficult applications that have tough dust, such as highly abrasive material. They are best suited for applications where you are required to heat/cool the airstream and/or dust and the dust is abrasive, sticky, hygroscopic, fibrous, or friable. The secondary air enters the cyclone and travels down the cyclone wall transporting the dust into the hopper, yet keeping the particles from contacting the walls.


The Aerodyne Vacu-Valve is an economical alternative to high maintenance rotary valves. The Vacu-Valve uses the dust collector’s vacuum to pull the sleeve together creating an airlock. As dust builds up over the valve, gravity and the weight of the material above, slowly works the material through the sleeve. The Vacu-Valve works best on fine, free-flowing material that doesn’t bridge. The sleeves are easy to change, thereby allowing easy maintenance with abrasive applications.

Rotary Valve

Aerodyne rotary valves can be built for abrasive applications. The rotary valves can be built with chrome plating or Ni-hard materials. Other features such as over-sized mounting flange, heavy-duty bearings, and pre-drilled end plates can also be built into the valve.

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