Industrial Dust Collectors in the Wood Products Industry

Aerodyne industrial dust collectors are widely used in the wood industry for hardboard plants, particle board plants, saws and various other wood processing applications. The high volume of dust particulate generated in the processing of wood products creates a major safety and health issue. Aerodyne dust collectors have been a key component in solving this problem for more than 30 years.

North Carolina: A particle board plant has been equipped with 15 collectors to handle the affluent products in its dryer setup, with the majority of the dust collectors being 15,000 cfm in size. The flash dryers operate under moist conditions and deal with sticky products. The Aerodyne SplitStream™ Dust Collector handles these circumstances with ease.

Tennessee: Two 12,500-cfm units have been installed at a saw-cutting operation. The dust collectors are connected to the ventilation system and draw hazardous hardboard dust from the mill.

California: An 18,000-cfm unit collects fine dust particles from a sanding operation. Meeting strict California EPA regulations when installed, the Aerodyne dust collector removes redwood sander dust to an acceptable level.

The Aerodyne SplitStream™ Collector’s ability to handle granular, sticky, fibrous or hygroscopic particulate lends itself well to the wood industry. Because the dust collector uses no bags or filters, wood dust reclamation is not a problem. As more and more uses are being found for the former waste product, the ability to capture wood dust and fibers is becoming increasingly valuable.