Sanitary/Quick Clean Cyclone

Industries such as food, pharmaceutical, precious metals and nutraceutical often require equipment that can be easily cleaned. Standard equipment is designed for function and low cost. Having quick and easy access is not normally standard. With traditional cyclones, the basic design isn’t conducive of cleaning. Access doors can disrupt the airflow, thereby lowering the efficiency of the cyclone. Plus the long sides often cause access issues. Body flange(s) can be used but then support and ducting of the unit becomes tricky.

Aerodyne’s GPC cyclone, however, isn’t the traditional design. Our horizontal cyclone offers access outside of the airstream so the whole unit can be cleaned. Clamps, swing bolts and other quick connect fasteners can be used to minimize cleaning times. Unlike traditional cyclones, where a body flange is required for access, the horizontal cyclones offer access without interfering with ducting and support.

Local Dust Collection

  1. Agricultural processor required an easy to clean cyclone to capture any fugitive product coming off their process equipment.
  2. The captured product would be collected and re-introduced back into the process line
  3. The cyclone needed to be low profile and be able to be cleaned per regulation
  4. Aerodyne offered our horizontal GPC-36:
    1. Constructed of 304 SS
    2. Backplate hinged and with swing bolts for quick access for cleaning
    3. Hinged backplate allows for full access to the interior of the cyclone without removal of ductwork, airlock or interference from the support
    4. Additional options such as 316 SS construction, polishing, clamps, inspection door allows for use in a variety of applications