Five Common Mistakes When Selecting a Dust Collector

Is your dust collection system working at peak efficiency? Finding the right Dust Collector for your needs can be hard. A quick video by Dust Efficiency Clinic is here to help you avoid five common mistakes people make when selecting a dust collection system! It’s a quick, do-it-yourself examination that may identify sluggish symptoms. Enjoy the short video, and see if your dust collector system passes the performance test.

Ground-Plate (GPC) Cyclone Dust Collector

The Aerodyne GPC Cyclone Dust Collector represents an improvement over conventional high-efficiency cyclone. Unlike conventional cyclones, the GPC Dust Collector does not require a long, tapered body for effective dust separation. The unique design provides a high-efficiency, compact unit that is available in horizontal or vertical configurations. This compact cyclone dust collector is ideal for plants and workshops with limited floor space or limited overhead clearance.

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