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Your Dust Collector Headquarters
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System Evaluations

Aerodyne offers system evaluations and Dust Hazard Analysis (DHAs). These assessments may increase the efficiency of your dust collection system, decrease maintenance, prolong equipment life, or improve compliance. Contact us to determine the evaluations you need.

We offer:

  1. System Analysis
    1. Review your system and make recommendations on increasing efficiency and operation
  2. Dust Safety and Collection Assessment
    1. Site visit and report included
    2. Report includes:
      1. Recommendations to improve productivity, maintenance, and operation
      2. Suggestion on changes required to comply with NFPA
  3. Dust Hazard Analysis and Process Hazard Analysis
    1. Site visit and report included
    2. Meeting with management, operators and maintenance personnel
    3. Report includes:
      1. Identifying areas of improvement along with operating and maintenance changes
      2. Process improvements
        1. Operational procedure
        2. Maintenance procedures
        3. Areas of concern

To improve efficiency and safety, there is no substitute for an on-site inspection by an experienced expert.

  • Assess safety compliance
  • Prepare for a Dust Hazard Analysis
  • Review system pressure, airflow, etc.
  • Point equipment inspection
  • Efficiency recommendations

Is an on-site assessment really what you need? Start with a free 20-minute phone consultation.

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