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GPC Horizontal Cyclone Dust Collector

Specialists in Small

Compact Industrial Cyclone Dust Collectors

  • As small as 20 inches tall
  • As efficient as 99% at 20 microns
  • Up to 85K CFM
  • Horizontal versions
  • NFPA compliance

At last, highly efficient cyclones that fit your available space. Cyclones that fit indoors without expensive renovations. Cyclone small enough for point-of-use dust collection that achieves NFPA compliance without costly ductwork.

At Aerodyne, we make a big deal out of small, by specializing in small cyclone solutions. No one else offers cyclones as small that are as efficient. And our horizontal cyclone is unique.









Aerodyne's low-profile cyclones will fit in areas that standard cyclones are just too big for. The Dust Hound cyclone is about 55% as tall as a standard cyclone, while the horizontal GPC is about 35% as tall as a standard cyclone for the same airflow.

GPC Horizontal Cyclone Dust Collector

Ask Aerodyne about our six models under 8ft3!*

*Per NFPA-654 (2), air separators with a dirty side volume less than 8ft3 can be located indoors.

GPC Horizontal Cyclone Dust Collector

Small Campaign White Paper

5 Ways to Save Costs by Using Small Dust-Collection Cyclones

Since the origins of industrial dust collection, cyclones have been an important partner in worker health, safety, and cost reclamation. However, their use can be problematic for retrofit and limited space applications.

Even for new construction, the transportation and installation of very tall cyclones may add considerable cost. Fortunately, a fresh take on cyclones is now available that provides high efficiency in a much shorter design.

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GPC Horizontal Cyclone Dust Collectorclick for larger image

Dust Hound Cyclone Dust Collector

The Aerodyne Dust Hound is a traditional cyclone that is available in small and medium sizes and with competitive pricing. Buying the smallest size cyclone that will do the job saves cost and fits tight spaces.

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GPC Horizontal Cyclone Dust Collectorclick for larger image

Aerodyne GPC Cyclone Dust Collector

The Aerodyne GPC Cyclone Dust Collector is an improvement over conventional cyclones. The unique design provides a compact unit that is available in horizontal or vertical configurations. The GPC Cyclone Dust Collector does not require a long, tapered body making it ideal for plants with limited floor space or overhead clearance.

See complete product information about the GPC Cyclone Dust Collector.

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How a Cyclone Works

In cyclone dust collection, air (or other gas) laden with particulate is made to spin (vortex) inside a conical chamber. Centrifugal force causes particulate to move to the walls of the chamber where it gains inertia. Gravity pulls the particulate into a hopper for dust collection. This is called cyclonic separation. Some cyclones use a ground plate to reverse the vortex and increase efficiency.

A cyclone-based dust collection system requires little maintenance because it has no filters to replace and no moving parts except for the blower.

Cyclones are often used upstream of filters as a pre-treatment, to remove the majority of dust and extend the service life of filters.

Cyclonic dust collectors have other advantages over filter media. Filters often do not allow collected particulates to be recovered for reuse. Also, installed before a bag house on high heat processes, a cyclone can act as a spark arrestor. Finally, unlike filters, cyclone dust collection actually works more efficiently as humidity increases.

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