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Aerodyne High Capacity Rhino Rotary "R" Valve™

The Aerodyne High Capacity Rhino Rotary "R" Valve is designed for continuous discharge of free-flowing, low-abrasive dry solids in gravity flow or low-pressure systems. Widely used in applications such as the bottom of cyclonic dust collectors and baghouse hoppers, the Rhino Rotary "R" Valve's steel plate construction gives it a distinct advantage in quality, flexibility and durability over cast valves.

  • Heavy duty steel plate fabrication.
  • Open rotor.
  • Neoprene rubber tips.
  • Can handle temperatures to 175°.
  • Stainless steel optional.
  • Available with TEFC or Explosion proof
  • Operates under vacuum or pressure.
  • Custom sizes available

Rotary Valve Sizes:

  • 6" - 4.8 Cubic feet per minute
  • 8" - 12.6 cubic feet per min
  • 10" - 26 cubic feet per min
  • 12" - 50 cubic feet per min
  • 16" - 108 cubic feet per min

Check with us to see if Expedited Delivery is available for 8", 10" and 12" sizes.

Available in 304 and 316 stainless steel.

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In Stock - 24-hour shipping available

Try our Vacu-Valve for abrasive rotary valve applications.

About Rotary Valves

Also known as a rotary airlock valve, a rotary valve is used in a dry solids material handling system to control the feed or discharge of free-flowing bulk material without compromising the negative or positive air pressure used in the system.

A rotary valve's design is similar to a revolving door by which one might enter a building: material must pass through a rotating chamber in order to reach the opening on the other side. The turning vanes of the rotary valve are tightly spaced to the valve walls, creating an airlock. Vanes may be tipped with hardened metal or flexible wipers. This rotary valve is motor driven; the motor and its controls must be part of the specification.

Common applications for rotary valves include pneumatic conveying, gravity conveying, gravity discharging, and volumetric metering. With these applications, they are commonly used with bag house hoppers, storage bins, and dust collection systems.

The seal of this style valve is not perfect and is therefore suited to low and moderately pressurized systems where a small air leak is acceptable. Its design is compatible with high temperature applications, and models are available for this purpose. Heavy duty valves, such as Aerodyne's Rhino Rotary H Valve™, are available that can process abrasive and stringy materials.

Heavy Duty Rotary Rhino Valves

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