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Pharmaceutical Dust Collectors

Pharmaceutical companies pay attention to dust. Preserving and collecting dust for pharmaceuticals is a necessity and an important reason for the use of cyclones for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to venting tablet-punchers and de-dusters, the encapsulation process, and clean room venting. The complexities surrounding these functions create very specific requirements.

The FDA requires drug companies to account for product. Baghouses and cartridges retain a portion of the dust in the filter. This step can be problematic for batch reconciliation, which requires the least amount of guesswork possible. How much of the dust was retained? How much particulate or dust from previous experiments was in the cartridge? Cyclone collectors make this task much easier.

Maintaining a clean environment is absolutely vital as well. The easiest method of preventing contamination is to collect in a clean environment, which tends to be a relatively compact area. Standard collectors are large and unwieldy, cannot be installed indoors and need large amounts of ductwork to operate, and contaminate the dust. Aerodyne offers 6 collectors that are small enough to fit in most clean room setups per NFPA-654 (2)*, versatile enough to be arranged either vertically or horizontally, and efficient enough to collect dust over 20 microns and easily measure, weigh, or recycle the dust. Aerodyne dust collectors are available with these options including carbon steel and stainless steel builds, polished welds, electropolishing, and quick-clean flanges.

In addition, Aerodyne offers a new bag-in/bag-out airlock valve for dust collectors. With this valve, batch reconciliation can be performed near production inside the clean room, preventing the operator from changing clothes multiple times during the reconciliation process and saving valuable time.

* Air separators with a dirty side volume less than 8 ft3 can be located indoors.

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