Five Signs Your Dust Collection System Needs Maintenance

Is your dust collection system working at peak efficiency? A quick, do-it-yourself examination may identify symptoms that your system needs a check-up.

Enjoy this video from The Dust Efficiency Clinic at Aerodyne. You’ll be able to identify five signs that may diagnose a sluggish system so that you can return your system to full efficiency.

Profile of A Healthy Dust Collection System

Dust collection systems remove particulates from process gases. Some particulates are pollutants, to be pulled out of the environment and disposed of. Other particulates can be valuable for alternate industrial uses, and a dust collector will capture these for repurposing. Matter can be explosive or flammable, and the dust collector removes these for safe disposition. The nature of mechanical separation allows cyclones to act as classifiers, collecting the larger particles and sending the fines to a final filter. In this way, a robust industrial dust collection systems will enhance your process.


The Bonuses of Efficient Dust Collection

Your dust collection systemis providing your workers and the environment with life-impacting benefits. A productive dust collector system is concurrently:

  • Making your company compliant with emission standards, avoiding fines and shutdowns
  • Improving the air quality, not only for your workers but the community as a whole
  • Protecting the livelihood and safety of you and your workers, removing potentially combustible and explosive dust
  • Adding an income stream from the sale or reuse of valuable dust like precious metals
  • Saving money and reducing long-term costs

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