Exhaust Fans: The Motive Force of a Dust Collection System

A dust collection system is much more than just the dust collector. It constitutes the exhaust fan, hoods, instrumentation, and interconnecting ductwork. If any of these components are improperly sized or operating, the whole system can fail in its primary objective, dust collection. In this video, Aerodyne discusses how system changes and fan performance affect your dust collection system.

What Are Your Dust Collection Costs After Baghouse Maintenance?

The costs of replacement bags, machine downtime, and wages accumulate quickly. Our infographic shows how placing a cyclone dust collector in front of a baghouse can lower expenses by extending filter life and reducing maintenance. See the components of an efficient, low-maintenance system.


Dust Collection System Evaluation Guide

Evaluate your current dust collection system for operational efficiency. Explore these five crucial areas and assess the effectiveness of your:

  1. Pickup points
  2. Ductwork
  3. Dust Collector
  4. Cyclone
  5. Exhaust fan

Pinpoint how these major areas may affect your dust collection.

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