Fiberglass Dust Collectors

Fiberglass dust is hard on industrial equipment. Filters get plugged! Airlocks wear out! At times it can be a maintenance nightmare. Aerodyne can help! Our GPC cyclone is a great pre-filter to remove fibrous material before your filters. Fibrous material will get caught up in filters and will not fall off during cleaning. This will cause the filters to plug up, thereby decreasing the airflow through the dust collector, creating holes in filters, and allowing more dust to escape the system. The fibrous dust will also wear out airlocks after they are captured. The dust will get caught in the rotors and wear them away. They can also bridge above the opening, thereby not leaving the system, which can cause particle re-entrainment.

Aerodyne supplies two cyclone dust collectors that can help extend filter life. The GPC cyclone is a great pre-filter. It removes most of the fibrous dust, allowing only the fine particulate to pass, thereby extending the life of the filters.  

The SplitStream cyclone uses a secondary airstream to remove dust from the airstream. The secondary air keeps the dust off the walls, thereby minimizing the erosion of the walls, extending the cyclones life. The SplitStream cyclone removes a very high percentage of the fibrous dust.

The Aerodyne Mighty Whopper rotary valve is designed for fiberglass applications. With urethane wipers and a robust rotor design, the Mighty Whopper provides long, trouble-free operation on fiberglass processes.

GPC Cyclone

Ideal pre-filter to remove fibrous and abrasive dust before final filtration.

SplitStream Cyclone

High removal cyclone whose secondary air minimizes erosion of the walls.

Mighty Whopper

Rotary airlock designed for fiberglass and bridging material.

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