Ceramic Dust Collectors

Ceramics and glass products are used primarily for wear and corrosion resistance, hardness, resistance to chemicals and high temperature applications. These properties make ceramic dust abrasive and can often causes issues with the dust collection equipment. Ceramic dust can be valuable, so recycling and reusing it is often desirable.

Aerodyne offers products that can help your ceramic/glass dust collector operate longer and more efficiently while recapturing material as product. Our GPC cyclone is a great pre-filter. It will collect the larger particles before they reach the filters of the dust collector. This allows the material to be collected without contamination, so the material can be reused/recycled.

The SplitStream cyclone is great for abrasive applications. The secondary airstream keeps the abrasive dust from contacting the cyclone walls, thereby extending the cyclone’s operational life. The secondary air can also be used to cool/heat the airstream and particulate.

Aerodyne’s Vacu-Valve is a low cost alternative for high maintenance airlocks such as rotary valves. Their low maintenance makes them ideal for some high maintenance rotary valve applications.

GPC Cyclone

Ideal pre-filter for baghouse and cartridge collector.  Collects material before contamination for reused/recycling.
SplitStream Cyclone

Secondary air provides cooling/heating of the system and gentle collection for friable material.


Low maintenance airlock for heavy particulate that is fine, free-flowing and doesn’t bridge.

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