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Grain Dust Control and Sticky Material Dust Control - Food & Grain Dust Industry Applications

Inefficiencies in grain dust control can cause the loss of high volumes of finished product. Those working in the food and agriculture industry also face a problem with sticky material dust control. These problems can be corrected with the proper dust collection system. Read Aerodyne's dust collector stories for proven examples of higher efficiency, lower power usage and lower maintenance in the food and grain industry.

Industrial dust collector unit recovers high protein animal feed
A 4,500 cfm Aerodyne unit recovers high-
protein animal feed at a Midwest plant
SplitStream Dust Collector helps cereal plant meet local and state pollution code requirements
Toledo, Ohio: This Horizontal SplitStream Industrial Dust Collection System operates off of a cereal plant air dryer helping the plant to meet local and state air pollution code requirements. Mixes of dry and wet gases are collected with no product buildup on the interior walls of the collector unlike most grain and sticky material dust control solutions. The unique capability to install the SplitStream Dust Collector horizontally allowed this unit to be placed between the dryer and the plant ceiling, requiring no insulation or structural change to the building.


Grain Dust Collection Systems
This horizontal industrial dust collector replaced a bag house collector on a dryer in a Canadian tobacco processing plant. The replacement resulted in no loss of efficiency and greatly decreased maintenance costs. With no bags to replace, no moving parts, and no expensive valves or compressed air systems, the Aerodyne provided a tremendous savings in maintenance cost. This 10,000 cfm dust collection system gathers approximately 400 pounds of grain dust per shift. The sticky, coarse material does not adhere to the collector walls because of the powerful secondary air stream that sets a centrifugal action along the collector walls.
Grain Dust Collection Systems
This Horizontal SplitStream™ Dust Collector installed between the ceiling and a dryer at a cereal plant shows the space saving benefits of the Aerodyne design. A typical vertical cyclone would have required major structural changes to the building. A huge expense was avoided with the selection of the Horizontal SplitStream Dust Collector.


Grain Dust Collection Systems
These three 6,000 cfm Aerodyne dust collection systems operate at negative pressure in an Iowa grain processing plant. They have effectively eliminated visual discharge from a distillers grain dryer stack, resulting in the recovery of valuable grain dust at a rate of 11 to 15 pounds per hour.
Grain Dust Collection Systems
This Aerodyne industrial dust collector is installed at a grain processing plant in Iowa. Three other Aerodyne grain dust control collectors are installed at this plant on another process line.


Grain Dust Collection Systems
Installed at a Midwestern feed plant, this Aerodyne SplitStream™ Dust Collector provides grain dust control from the air at a rate of 4,500 cfm

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