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Fibrous Dust Control & Glass Dust Collection - Glass Industry Applications

To keep good working conditions in the glass industry, glass dust collection is often required. Fibrous particulate control may even be a legal requirement to reduce occupational exposure. Uncontrolled glass dust of any kind can lead to mechanical irritation and cause worker discomfort. Good fibrous dust control improves workplace conditions and prevents a buildup of glass dust. Below you will find two examples of glass dust collection.

Industrial dust collectors separate glass dust from the exit gasses of a furnace
Carlsted, NJ: A 12,000 cfm Aerodyne SplitStream Industrial Dust Collector separates glass dust from the exit gases of a furnace at an eastern glass plant.
Industrial dust collector installed at a Glass Plant
A 4,500 cfm Aerodyne SplitStream Dust Collector installed at a glass plant.

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