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Chemical Dust Control & Dust Control for Explosive Material - Chemical Industry Applications

Chemical dust control often goes above traditional dust collection. While your current dust collection may be adequate, small inefficiencies cause valuable materials to be wasted. Below are examples of chemical dust control improvements by Aerodyne and even an example of dust control for explosive materials.

Inustrial dust collection in a Chemical Plant
Above are the upper and lower sections of a series of Model 4500 SplitStream Industrial Dust Collection System in a chemical plant. The chemical dust control systems are constructed of stainless steel and are installed in parallel. This configuration is designed for a capacity of 92,000 cfm.
Specially made, explosion-Proof dust collectors
These four SplitStream™ Dust Collectors were specially designed for our long-time customer and a well-known chemical company. Designed by Aerodyne to withstand 75 pounds of internal pressure at a capacity of 400 cfm at 70° F, these units provide dust control for explosive materials and can confine any explosion.


12500 S Dust Collector Shipping to Korea
A 12,500 cfm SplitStream Industrial Dust Collector shipping out for delivery. This is one of a pair of collectors destined for a plant in Korea. The collector will be placed in a process handling glass beads used to make reflective signs and pavement markings. The unique design of our industrial dust collection equipment is crucial to this process as the spherical beads would bounce off the walls of a typical cyclone and render it ineffective. This is one of many Aerodyne dust collectors purchased for this process by this world-leading diversified technology company.

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