Horizontal and High-Efficiency Cyclone

Cyclonic dust collection can reduce fabric filter baghouse maintenance costs, reduce downtime

One challenge to designing a manufacturing process is choosing an effective dust collection system that will fit the limited available plant space. Low ceilings pose a challenge for high-efficiency cyclones due to their long tapered bodies. In many cases, the dust collector must be placed outdoors or partially protruding through the roof. This can be an unfavorable arrangement. If a traditional cyclone dust collector is installed horizontally, then it loses efficiency due to particulate settling on the side of the collector and being carried out with the exhaust gas.

In contrast, counter-cyclonic dust collectors, such as the Aerodyne SplitStream™ Dust Collector, use a secondary air stream that directs material toward the collection hopper, and may be installed horizontally with virtually no loss of efficiency.

As the dirt-laden gas stream is drawn in to the collector, it passes through a stationary spinner which imparts a rotational flow and forces particulate toward the walls of the collector. A powerful secondary air stream is injected into a manifold where it enters the separation chamber through a series of nozzles. The secondary air stream intercepts the collected particulate and carries it to the hopper. Because this design does not rely on gravity to bring the dust to the hopper like conventional cyclones, its operational efficiency is not affected by horizontal installation.

This type of dust collector may be suspended from a ceiling, conserving valuable space on the manufacturing floor. It also saves money compared to cutting a hole through the roof or building a site for the dust collector outdoors. By the way, outdoor installation may encourage condensation that can shorten service life and reduce efficiency. Finally, horizontal, high-efficiency cyclones may be maintained without the need for tall scaffolding that can pose a safety hazard to workers.

See an animated demonstration of how horizontal cyclonic dust collection works.

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