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June 2015  |  Industrial Dust Collection Chronicle

  • Alternative Airlock Valve Solves Your Rotary Valve Troubles
  • Video: GPC Perfect as Pre-Filter for Baghouses or Standalone Dust Collection System
  • From The Blog — Tea Dust Reclaimed with Unique Dust Collector
  • Aerodyne's New Dust Collector Facts Book — The Industry's Leading Informational Guide
  • Infographic: The GPC Will Save You Space
  • White Paper: Improve Your Baghouse Operation
  • New Dust Testing Options — Find Out Which Dust Collector Suits Your Dust
  • About Aerodyne

Alternative Arilock Valve is Cost-Effective Solution to Troublesome Rotary Valves

Aerodyne Environmental's Vacu-Valve is a low-maintenance material handling airlock valve that is a fraction of the cost of the rotary valves it replaces. Aerodyne offers two types of valves that provide an economical way to manage dust discharged from bag filters or cyclone dust collectors under negative pressure: the open construction Vacu-Valve® Platypus and the closed construction Vacu-Valve® Armadillo.

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Compact Dust Collector with High Removal Rates

The unique design provides a high-efficiency, compact unit that is available in horizontal or vertical configurations. This dust collector can be used as pre-filter for baghouses and cartridge collectors, or as a standalone dust collection system. Ideal for plants/workshops with limited floor space/limited overhead clearance.

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From the Blog


Tea Dust Reclaimed with Uniquely Designed Dust Collector

A tea processing facility was testing out a new dust collection system. The goal was to capture a specific portion of the tea dust that is usually lost in transport air, reclaim it, and market it. The design previously involved a standard cyclone that separates the tea from the transport air. At first, the company tried using a baghouse, but found that the bags filled up to quickly and the dust they were trying to capture got lost in the bags.

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Dust Collector Facts Book
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Receive your copy now!
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About Aerodyne Environmental - Aerodyne Environmental has been specializing in solving dry material handling problems for more than 60 years through such products as high-efficiency cyclone dust collectors and low-cost, low-maintenance, material-handling valves. Aerodyne operates under the corporate motto "Clean Our World®", addressing material handling challenges through innovation, customer commitment, and environmental stewardship.


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