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December 2014  |  Industrial Dust Collection Chronicle

  • New High-Capacity Vacu-Valve is a Cost-Effective Solution to Rotary Valves
  • GPC Perfect as Pre-Filter for Baghouses or Standalone Dust Collection System
  • From The Blog—Baghouse Woes Cured with GPC
  • Aerodyne's New Dust Collector Facts Book—The Industry's Leading Informational Guide
  • Infographic: How Do Dust Collectors Work in Mines & Quarries?
  • White Paper: Top Benefits Your Application Receives When Using a Cyclone in Front of a Baghouse/Cartridge Collector
  • About Aerodyne

Aerodyne Announces New High-Capacity Airlock Valve

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Aerodyne's new 10" Vacu-Valve® Trickle Valve System, one of the lowest-cost, lowest-maintenance dust collector valves available. The Vacu-Valve is a trickle valve that operates as a constant discharge valve for dust collectors, hoppers, cyclones and other equipment operating under negative pressure. The new 10" size option offers a much larger capacity. Its unique duck bill design allows it to dispense free-flowing material continuously. The Vacu-Valve is available in the open design of the Platypus or the closed design of the Armadillo.

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Compact Dust Collector with High Removal Rates

The unique design provides a high-efficiency, compact unit that is available in horizontal or vertical configurations. This dust collector can be used as pre-filter for baghouses and cartridge collectors, or as a standalone dust collection system. Ideal for plants/workshops with limited floor space/limited overhead clearance.
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From the Blog: Baghouse Woes Cured with GPC


Companies that utilize baghouse or cartridge filters are familiar with the costly headaches that these machines produce. A US packaging facility that recently came to Aerodyne for help was no exception. The facility uses baghouse collectors to remove granular carbon from an air stream. The smallest particulate is 10 microns and the average particle size is 44 microns, and 87% of the dust particulate is over 20 microns. The company was facing the usual pitfalls of using baghouses; too much down time for filter replacement and too much money lost on repairs and halted production.

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Dust Collector Facts Book

Product Highlights

SplitStream™ Counter Cyclonic Dust Collector Vacu-Valve® - Trickle Valve System GatorGate™ Double Dump Valve

About Aerodyne Environmental - Aerodyne Environmental has been specializing in solving dry material handling problems for more than 60 years through such products as high-efficiency cyclone dust collectors and low-cost, low-maintenance, material-handling valves. Aerodyne operates under the corporate motto "Clean Our World®", addressing material handling challenges through innovation, customer commitment, and environmental stewardship.


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