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February 2014  |  Industrial Dust Collection Chronicle

  • GPC Helps Keep Pharmaceutical Company in Check with FDA
  • GatorGate Double Dump Valve – Operates Where Other Valves Fail
  • From The Blog – GPC Improves PVC Pipe Manufacturer's Process
  • Aerodyne's New Dust Collector Facts Book – The Industry's Leading Informational Guide
  • Infographic: The Hazards of Industrial Dust Collection
  • White Paper: Top Benefits Your Application Receives When Using a Cyclone in Front of a Baghouse/Cartridge Collector
  • About Aerodyne

GPC Helps Keep Pharmaceutical Company's Process in Check with FDA


A prominent US pharmaceutical company was creating a dust collection system for the facility where a variety of drugs are manufactured. The company plans on using a cartridge collector as part of the pill manufacturing process. Because this company is regulated by the FDA, every gram of product must be accounted for, even the dust. The pill dust that is created is extremely fine and flows like water. The cartridge collector would only be able to collect some of the particulate in the process, most of which would get stuck in the filters and would be hard to account for.

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Aerodyne's GatorGate™ Double Dump Valve Provides a Jam-Free Operation Where Standard Rotary Valves Fail


The GatorGate can operate in applications where rotary valves fail. With the use of tandem gates, this material handling valve discharges materials while maintaining a
positive airlock seal. The upper gate opens, allowing chunky, fibrous, or abrasive material to drop onto the closed lower gate. The upper gate then re-closes to maintain the airlock seal. The lower gate opens and discharges the material from the system. Unlike competing dump valves, the GatorGate utilizes a unique cam-operated drive mechanism.

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From the Blog: GPC Eliminates Clogged Dust Collector Cartridges


A US facility that manufactures PVC piping was having issues with its dust collector cartridges. For the final finish on the PVC piping, the facility grinds the surface down for a smooth exterior. This process creates a lot of dust and particulate. They use 13500 SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute) of airflow from the grinding apparatus to collect the dust from the system. The dirty air gets vented to the dust collector cartridges which get clogged up within 3 to 4 days.

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Free Resources: Dust Collection Facts Book

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Product Highlights

SplitStream™ Counter Cyclonic Dust Collector

Vacu-Valve® - Trickle Valve System

GatorGate™ Double Dump Valve

About Aerodyne Environmental - Aerodyne Environmental has been specializing in solving dry material handling problems for more than 60 years through such products as high-efficiency cyclone dust collectors and low-cost, low-maintenance, material-handling valves. Aerodyne operates under the corporate motto "Clean Our World®", addressing material handling challenges through innovation, customer commitment, and environmental stewardship.


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