When to Use a Non-Powered Automatic Valve
Look under any dust collector and you will see a rotary airlock valve spinning its rotor and emptying the collected contents from the hopper. These valves have long been used to maintain a seal in vacuum dust collection systems while simultaneously providing an escape route for the dust.
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When to Use a Cyclonic Dust Collector
At one time mechanical dust collectors were the industry standard in dust collection and air pollution control. However, with an ever increasing focus on air quality, EPA regulations regarding dust collection have steered the manufacturing world toward the higher efficiency capabilities of bag houses, cartridge filters, and other dust collection equipment utilizing filter media.
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How a Cyclone Filter Works
Aerodyne "S" Series dust collectors use centrifugal force to efficiently separate out fine particles beginning at 20 microns...saw dust, fly ash, sand, coffee and many others.
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Aerodyne - A Division of Abanaki Corporation; manufactures a full line of dust collectors and dry material handling valves. Serving the material handling and air pollution control industries for over 60 years. Aerodyne is dedicated to supplying proven solutions to manufacturing process needs through top quality products and innovative designs.
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S-Series Dust Collector
Separates and collects particulate of granular, fibrous, sticky, or hydroscopic nature. A high efficiency mechanical dust collector is versatile enough for almost any application.
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  The Platypus & Armadillo Vacu-Valves
Economical and worry free valves for continuous discharged material on negative pressure systems. Aerodyne's vacu-valves are superior in abrasive and high temperature applications.
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  Rhino Rotary "R" Valve
Steel plate construction offers quality, flexibility and durability. Rubber tipped rotor blades ensures minimal air leakage in applications using cyclonic dust collectors and bag house hoppers.
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